Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some cute finds

I wanted to share a few things I saw today that I really enjoyed. Now I have never seen anyone do this before with lights but with the right country kitchen, it could work...The blue stripe one is cute to me.
I am going to make this little cutie for a door stopper for Annabelle's new room when we finally get moved in. even the mushroom too.
I am a Texas gal...and when I am mad..this says it all.

source: Junk Gypsies

The bed I missed out on craigslist.....sad.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

A quick note...

I am in the middle of moving so I just have time for a quick note before I am off to bed. SO tired. Here is a picture of the sweet little chair I got Annabelle today. Such a great find for $10.00.

Pretty detail on the seat

...and nice legs too..lol. I will be back soon and hopefuly full of energy!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Along the way

I forgot to show the pictures of our stop just before my loveman took me to Anthropologie yesterday. I just had to stop. But this fella didnt really care much who was taking his picture. He posed for the picture and just went right back to eating. The field was so full of flowers! It was just beautiful.
Brian and I both agreed that we want fenching like this around our home too. I love the look of it. Being in the country is nice.
I love how the vines had creepd up the post. I am going to have to take Annabelle and Andrew back and get a photo shoot out of this spot. It was perfect.
She didn't really care that I was there either. She has the perfect home so I guess I wouldnt care who was looking either.lol.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

One of each...

                Thats what I want from Anthropologie. One of each of everything! I just cant walk into that store without finding an armful of things I want to take home. But they can be a bit expensive though. At least the furniture is. This chest was about $2,300. But I found some awsome little green planters for just $6.00! And yes I forgot to take a picture of them..lol.
This little blue chest won me over too. It looked great as a bedside table. I love to use the odd things in places people wouldnt think to use them too. I dont think I have ever owned a normal nightstand and actually used it as a nightstand. I have two small chests as nighstands now. And I am about to change one to a gate leg table I got from my sister over the weekend. Just waiting to paint it.
Now this BIG piece was just amazing. Amazing. And you would have to have a pretty big kitchen to fit it in too. It's sweet little price tag of $22,000 will make you do some DEEP thinking before buying it.. thats for sure. But I did like the big wooden knife just above it too. More in my price range too I'm sure.
This cabinet was super sweet too and I knew just where I was going to put it in my kitchen too till...yes...the price. $1,200. Ouch, my heart. I guess I will just have to be inspired today to find things just like them at the fleamarket. I will keep you informed in my search. Oh.. by the way.... I still LOVE Anthropologie. And I love my sweet hubby for taking me there today.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Off to the Market !

World Market that is. Last week my loveman took me for a quick walk through World Market ( which we all knows means an hour ) and I found a few things I want. Shocked? I know! Me too! See this table...I love this table. Alot. I actually have a tall skinny antique version of this that I use as a hall table. So I really want this one too. And I love the color too. So simple.
The these tea towels could certainly be added to my collections. They were my favorite find there and the art work is so great, it has inspired me to sketch some veggies for my kitchen. I would LOVE to design my own tea towels one day.
Chair love. Perfect
I could use about two dozen of these. Mercy...I need to just stay out of that store!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selling it all

Okie Dokie. I am going to make a quickie post because it's so late, and I just had a full day with my Estate Sale. Yep..thats right I am having a sale! Yeah! Sort of. It's ALOT of work getting ready for one of these suckers let me tell ya.
This is a teensy tiny ity bit of my shabby chic that I am letting go of. You would have a small stroke if you saw the shabby chic linen pile! Four tubs full...two banquet tables and an industial garment rack full. Whoo that hurt just saying it. And all the little things. Glassware, tins, and everything in between. I know what your thinking. I said it was a short post? lol...I tend to ramble when I talk about stuff..lol
See my pretty blue metal file box. Bye bye...gonna miss ya.
Ok I had far to many of these tins. But they are all so cute. My living is so full of stuff. I could just wake up and go shopping in my own house! Hey I would save gas and I know I would find something I love!
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Sunday, September 5, 2010


                                I found these lovely little outfits at a local antique mall of all places. They had an area set up like a boutique. It was quite nice. This pretty little lacey blouse was only $32.00. Not too bad.
                                 I really need this garment rack. I REALLY need this garment rack.
                                                  A nice change from the old coat and hat .
                This one is ALL me. I would live in this sweet little dress and coat. You would have to tell me to change clothes because I would never take it off. With some pearls , one of my vintage purses...and my hair puled up...or curled. Hmmm what shoes? I am thinking Anthropologie..........
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