Friday, April 30, 2010

Something sweet

I havent baked in awhile so I decided to make some strawberry cheesecake muffins....mmmmm. Yes, they were wonderful wonderful ! The only mistake I made was just making six. They were all snatched up as soon as I got my Oh well I'm glad the kids and Brian like them so much. Alright...I had two...but hey I baked them, right!? I always put a little Coolwhip on the side to dip it in. Ok, alot of Coolwhip! I bought a bottle of French Berry soda yesterday and it was perfect with it! You should really try it. I love it ice cold. Well, I guess I should go make dinner now....

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Walk in....or walk out

       Today I have been thinking all about wardrobes. I know everyone seems to be so inlove with the walk in closet...It always seems to be the big desire for a new home. Well.... it has become my enemy. Its like a black goes in and is gone forever. Now I love storage as much as the next girl but I am really wanting to keep it simple. With my walk in closet...I keep shoes in boxes and clothes all crammed together and on shelves. Half never worn it seems. My vintage purses have a shelf just for them. Papers and photos stored in pretty paper covered boxes stacked up high...... I forget about the stuff! I think a wardrobe would be just perfect for me. Simple. When I open the door....what I see is what I get.
       I am going to try to go with the spring cleaning motto....If you haven't worn it in six months....TOSS IT! well...recycle! Give it away or have a sale. I do think its fine to store a few favorite off season sweaters. Two for me, but thats it, and in clear bags. The next season always brings something much cuter anyway.
        I would like to hear about some of your storage solutions and what Spring cleaning rituals have. What do you toss and when? Is your closet your friend?
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Swap meet

My little sweetheart just makes my heart swell with so much love.
So you can see in the pictures of her room why she is so spoiled! lol...But the other purpose of showing her room is to show just how thrifty I can be when needed. And what great deals I have found this past year. Well I will start with the headboard. FREE ! Well I met a gal on craigslist, a few years ago, that has now become a great swapping buddy and friend . Dont worry we met at a Home depot and my hubby came for safety! )She has the skill of making furniture look amazing! Well I have the skill of finding AMAZING deals. So its a nice ballance. She swapped me the headboard for some household items...pillows, frames, vase, and etc. Not alot compared to what this would have cost me new. And Annabelle LOVES her bed. (forgot to attache to rails for pic..oops) We have done several swaps like this. She redid my daughters antique vanity to match the bed, and a nightstand. We swapped her for flowers, a mirror, and linens for her daughter. Not that I could'nt spare any huh..? Such a great way to save I think.

The euro pillowcases were bought at a clearance store, new, for $1.00 each !! NO LIE ! ( alot of ladies going crazy that day ) The pink trimmed one is even a Kate Spade and was originaly $115.00! The Rockstar set is I think the only thing I paid more at Target, (50.00) . The shabby chic quilt..$10.00 new at a big fleamarket.
As for the toys...Her two American girl dolls were gifts at Christmas, yeah! All the stuffed animals were from a local thrift store...most were new with tags....75 cents and under each. One day they had a sale..20 for $2.00....Big score there. So as you can guess...the other 50 or so animals are crammed in the closet!
Now this is her bedding that is stored in my closet. Not all of it either. Mercy. Well I already talked more than once on my linen love so the pictures explains it I have been weeding through it all for days now and are getting ready for a sale. Long overdue I'd say.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day !

Dont forget to step outside today and take a look at our big beautiful planet!
And all the amazing things it has to show us..........
Let's try our best to love the Earth
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Need a new Camera ! Do you?

Ok my blogging is a great chance for one of us to win a really nice digtal camera! The Shopping Mama is offering a giveaway for a CASIO EXILIM High-Speed digital camera. This is a cute website also with lots of great information for those mommies on the go!. So boogie on over and enter!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Elegant Mattes

Hello again! I am showing you and everyone at Skip to My Lou what I have made! It is their MADE IT BY YOU Mondays , and I wanted to share my linen looking matte that I made.
I have a large group of antique prints from the 1800's and I wanted to make some of the mattes for them , look a little more elegant. I have red in my kitchen with a French country look so I wanted something to go with this......I wanted a linen/fabric look...but this isnt linen at all though. It is tulle ! Like the stuff that fluffs out prom dresses....weird yes...but it turned out great! Now my tulle was very thin red pieces ,that I had bought in a large group at a flea market for .50cents. I layered several pieces to make it darker and then traced the matte size. I cut ..then glued .. DONE! I loved the finished look.
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Mixed up

I love a nice mixture of patterns in quilts. I think they are for people who want every pattern at once for the bed, but cant They are nice for just that can add so many more elements to the room because of it. Stripes, florals and solids give you so many choices.
My favorites are obviously the vintage materials grouped together. And the little touches of lace and trim added in are just wonderful! Then little buttons on top of that ! Fabulous!
On top of pillows like this is such a great idea. It pulls it all together without having to use all the materials and be overpowering.
With old tablecloths and can get a "new life" from them. If they get stains or holes you dont have to throw them out. Make laundry bags, stockings, basket liners, sachets, and pillows. And pillow case trims with embroidery, for extra detail.  It is a great way to recycle too.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've got the blues.....

and the pinks....
and the whites.............
and the crackled yellows......
all ready to create my perfect little farm house.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Now isnt this the sweetest little sleepover buddy. I found the little vintage, rabbit pajama bag, in the bottom of a big bag of material that I got for a dollar! I was so thrilled because of all the vintage material I got for a buck. But I was thrilled when I pulled this out. The back of it zips up to hides your jammies, with a cute little cotton tail. I bet some little girl slept better with him there.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in the Gardens

Here are some of my favorite pictures I took this past weekend. I am loving the Gardens right now.
  This one could not have turned out any better!
  The sun peeked through at just the right time
        I love the little lily pads.
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A GREAT win !

I love to sometime let my readers know about great chances to win GREAT prizes! Soooooo.....With Spring in the air and all the dust and allergies that come with have a great chance to win this! The Electrolux Versatility Cleaner..(valued at $299.99) can also win with it the Arm & Hammer Spring Cleaning bucket. It will be full of the ten great products you see in the picture. All you have to do is visit     (three kids and us dot com)   ......You will also be finding a wonderful website that I visit daily.
About the Author:
Cat is the author of 3 Kids and Us Mom Blog, sharing her life as a mother to three children and all of the craziness that life brings her while working from home. In her writing, you'll find a eclectic collection of humorous "mommy moments" along with family recipes, product reviews and more. will enjoy it!

 Good Luck everyone !
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tree Hugger !

Look at this little cutie we spotted this weekend. He was just laying there hugging that tree....without a care in the world. He stayed there and posed for the picture before he decided to move on up the tree. Then he just and watched us until we left. I think we were HIS entertainment. I love squirrels.
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Friday, April 9, 2010

A great deal ? Oh yeah !

I visited my fav thrift store and found me some great deals. I got five of these beautiful plates for almost eight dollars......Not a chip on them! We had dinner on them already. I think it made the food taste better!
Now my favorite finds were the two large clear vases. LOVE them. Only four dollars for the pair! Now the glasses were on sale 10 for $2.00. They were trying to clear the shelves. I only found six of the clear ones, so they let me have four sets of the coffee cups! Score! The are from Spain. And very very cute.
This little set of three measuring cups were only a dollar. Another love.
I am serious need of a large hutch now.
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