Thursday, April 29, 2010

Walk in....or walk out

       Today I have been thinking all about wardrobes. I know everyone seems to be so inlove with the walk in closet...It always seems to be the big desire for a new home. Well.... it has become my enemy. Its like a black goes in and is gone forever. Now I love storage as much as the next girl but I am really wanting to keep it simple. With my walk in closet...I keep shoes in boxes and clothes all crammed together and on shelves. Half never worn it seems. My vintage purses have a shelf just for them. Papers and photos stored in pretty paper covered boxes stacked up high...... I forget about the stuff! I think a wardrobe would be just perfect for me. Simple. When I open the door....what I see is what I get.
       I am going to try to go with the spring cleaning motto....If you haven't worn it in six months....TOSS IT! well...recycle! Give it away or have a sale. I do think its fine to store a few favorite off season sweaters. Two for me, but thats it, and in clear bags. The next season always brings something much cuter anyway.
        I would like to hear about some of your storage solutions and what Spring cleaning rituals have. What do you toss and when? Is your closet your friend?
  (photo: Country Living )

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