Sunday, July 18, 2010

Walking with Brian

My handsome loveman and I took ourselves a little road trip and spent the day together. We went out to Grapevine and walked the main street and the neighborhood. It was much cooler walking through the neighborhood being shaded by those trees let me tell you. Texas heat can get to ya. I just adored this little house's perfect white picket fence. How many people has it seen walk by, and run their fingers across it as they pass? Many I am sure. I added myself to the bunch.
This home was pretty big. The family has done an amazing job restoring it. Not quite as old as some in the neighborhood but just as pretty.
This is the side to one home that has always been my favorite in Grapevine. I love the little gate and I have wanted for years , to just go open it up and see what is hiding back there. My imagination says...a wonderful little gueat house and a perfect garden. With more rose bushes than I can handle. I always go by it when we are in town hoping to see a for sale sign in the yard. Sigh....none again. I guess I will just allow them to to stay a bit
This cutie trellis was on the front porch of a home and I liked it too. I would also love to see something like this down the side of a house, in a much larger version. All covered in vines and to cover the cars as we drive through.That would be just lovely.

It was such a wonderful day with Brian. He took me too Jason's Deli afterwards and we had chicken and dumplins for lunch. I am so lucky to have a husband that wants to spend so much time with me. No matter what we are doing. We make such a great pair!
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eye candy

My sweet husband took me by the antique mall, on our way home from running errands. I havent been to one in soooo long. So I made sure my camera battery was charged up and ready to go! Sometimes they dont like you to take pictures ,not sure why, so I snapped them pretty quick. And of course I found tons of stuff I loved. I used to collect little perfume bottles so I still like seeing them grouped together like this. So girlie.
The powder boxes are also a love and I still have a few myself. This one was pretty sweet with the ladies dancing around it.
Now this was all the same boothe as you can see ....a very fru fru theme going in it. I love the shade of blue on this desk. It's becoming a favorite of mine. I am actually about to paint a stool and table the same shade. Mmmmm.
As far as displays go...the little window awning was a very cute idea to me. I could almost see that over a bed, with curtains draped down, in a cute little farm house. The dress makes me glad to be a girl, and makes me wish I had gone to prom too. And I was quite ticked that the pink irioning board was just "display"only! Grrrr. I want it. Maybe I can sweettalk her into selling.....I think I will have to go back and have a little chat with that dealer! ;)
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

So pretty

This picture make me love being a woman
I am seriously wanting to start collecting these iron doorstops.
I love the next one more than the
I am also very inspired to start making these little strawberries...and turn them into pin cushions. My grandmother has these and little red tomatoe ones and I loved playing with them. I watched sewing and she never stopped me from touching anything. I miss her.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A day in the country with friends...

The past fews days have been so relaxing. We went out to spend some time with some friends, that we dont get to see near enough. Sue and Daryl. It was wonderful. All I could hear was the bugs ,the birds and a few low flying planes. The neighbors have thier own landing strip so that was fun to watch all the little planes come in for a landing.
We had a wonderful cookout too. Sue can cook some mean potatoes and Daryl is good at the steaks too! I roasted the corn and it turned out pretty nice. We had such a nice time and can't wait to go back next week again.
The horses are so sweet and funny.
This guy was NOT shy at all. He would follow me all over. I liked him best.
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I love the country
He loved at the attention
crazy roadrunners...they are fast! And bigger than I expected too.
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

mmmm lunch...

Spending the fourth having my homemade chicken salad. Yummy for my tummy.
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Happy 4th of July !

I hope you and your families have a safe and wonderful holiday!
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sitting Pretty

Do you love chairs? I love chairs. Yes, I know , I love alot of things, but I really love chairs. I need a room just for them. Yep , a sitting room. Homes today aren't built for those and I dont know why. They have media rooms and game room but not those old fashioned sitting rooms. I would like a nice big room for nothing but all the pretty chairs I can fit and my books. Because I know this family sits way too much in front of the television. Would'nt that be a wonderful change? We need to go back to having sitting rooms. Just to be there and talk...or read. That would be just lovely.
Do you like the idea of a sitting room?
soooo pretty too.
I missed out on this one on craigslist. It had just sold when I replied. It will be missed.
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