Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eye candy

My sweet husband took me by the antique mall, on our way home from running errands. I havent been to one in soooo long. So I made sure my camera battery was charged up and ready to go! Sometimes they dont like you to take pictures ,not sure why, so I snapped them pretty quick. And of course I found tons of stuff I loved. I used to collect little perfume bottles so I still like seeing them grouped together like this. So girlie.
The powder boxes are also a love and I still have a few myself. This one was pretty sweet with the ladies dancing around it.
Now this was all the same boothe as you can see ....a very fru fru theme going in it. I love the shade of blue on this desk. It's becoming a favorite of mine. I am actually about to paint a stool and table the same shade. Mmmmm.
As far as displays go...the little window awning was a very cute idea to me. I could almost see that over a bed, with curtains draped down, in a cute little farm house. The dress makes me glad to be a girl, and makes me wish I had gone to prom too. And I was quite ticked that the pink irioning board was just "display"only! Grrrr. I want it. Maybe I can sweettalk her into selling.....I think I will have to go back and have a little chat with that dealer! ;)
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  1. Looks like a great booth! So many cute things! I love the powder boxes and the window awning is great! Don't you just hate it when some of the best things in the booth are display only?