Thursday, February 25, 2010

Everything Etsy blog party Thursday...I made it !

This is another little lampshade that I have made. I found the shade frame for less than a dollar. I tore off the existing material and cut up a maternity shirt from Target, and a vintage pillow case. The rose material was nice and stretchy, and the dainty lace trim was from a vintage pillow case thats had holes in it. But the trim was still too pretty to just toss. I like how the roses show in the evening when its lit up. Now dont forget to drop by to see all the other posts. Plus its a great site to add to your favorites like I did....or subscribe!

~ Hope you enjoyed it too ~
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh yummy...

Blame William -Sonoma if you have a sudden gain in weight. They have these little pastry cutters and I just want to go crazy! Heck...a few pounds can't hurt huh?
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Pottery Barn love......

I think Pottery Barn loves me as much as I love them. Or they would'nt just create these wonderful things for just any reason..? Nope. They did it ALL for me. So sweet of them.
I could just rip out my sink right now and put that sweetie in.
and I could certainly use more baskets......
and then there is my deep love of dish towels. Oh Pottery Barn..(sigh)....I love you too.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

I guess you could say I am a member of the neighborhood watch....I walk around and watch the neighbors! I am a devoted member of this group thats for sure. I love to see how some of them really love their homes. Heck I love their homes. Cute little flower beds, window boxes, shutters. I would love to come over one day for tea , coffee, laundry day.....anything to get a peek inside. Maybe I should leave a note on the door asking them to start a blog. ?hmmm...what to do. Well anyhoo , I bet she has amazing linens and is a fabulous baker. We could be such good friends. I only saw one house with a really really BAD choice in curtains. The kids bed sheets pinned up ! I gasped ! ....I considered calling crime stoppers. But my hubby snatched the phone from me and said they would laugh at me . Like he did. Well on to the next home..... I'll be watching.........
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Work stations...& your curtains

I love my work station at home. I call it that because it's not an office, but a corner of the living room. lol. If I say work station it sounds prettier and more adult. More organized. (not) I certainly have a nice group of decorating books and far too many magazines. About 500+. No joke. And I recently weeded through them and got rid of half so I am actually down to 500+. It has always been my form of therapy I if you have this many then you know what I mean. They are just the best escape into other peoples worlds, but hey! Now we have blogs! And I must say I am just as addicted. Sitting at my desk , peaking into your homes ,without getting arrested..... and just dying to have your curtains! And those slipcovered people are just killing me! Now now...remember..God says to share . What? You will let me have them?! Oh how sweet of you........such a good friend...(wink wink)
so dainty.....
My ever changing boards...and clutter
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A few more finds

I forgot to show the other pictures of my goodies. The cute little button with a bell was only a .29 cent find.
My favorite thing was this tiny little iron that fits in the palm of my hand ! The cute red leather case says made in England and the best part is that I got it for only .95cents and it works! Score!
I got two of these little yellow pots for .25 cents each. They are only about three inches high. I got alot of tiny stuff for tiny Not too sure what I could actualy plant in them because they are so small..hmm..Maybe I could let Annabelle start some Ivys or plant a bean like in school. I guess we will find out this spring.
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We have mice !

Well I was sitting at the computer and I heard a little noise by the window. It sounded like a cheer. "Raw raw ree-kick'em in the knee..Raw raw rass ..kick'em in the other knee! " Yep I looked over and there she was, right by the window. A cheerleader mouse in red. Such an attention getter. And as we all know , where there is one mouse there are more. The country mouse and her sister, the nurse, appeared next with the cute baby in pink! Must be all this cold weather driving them inside.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Cath Kidston quilt lampshade...made by me

I have always loved Cath Kidston materials, well anything by her really. She has such a gift for that old fashioned look in the home. I made this lampshade actually a few years ago. I would send for swatches so I could get ideas on the material for other projects and then I ended up having the left over swatches. Well..ta-da! ..I cut them up and just covered the shade. SOOO easy. The biggest problem was deciding where to put each also used pinking shears to make the edges cute too. It has traveled from my room to Annabelles ,and once to the living room. Its a nice thing to do when you cant find that "perfect" shade in the store and a great way to recycle leftovers. Hope you like it....

Also... Join me at a BLOG PARTY! Once a week on ......they will be hosting the I MADE IT - BLOG PARTY ...... Yeah ! This is such a wonderful website and blog! I will be linking this to her site so go and take a look and see mine and all the other great ideas from these amazing bloggers! Hey maybe link one of your great ideas too! Tell them Hi from Motherdaughterday !

Enjoy !

~ Belinda

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The loot !

Oooh my spode mugs...yum
See...I left the tag on to show you....50 cents !
Drying and ready for hot chocolate....
My cute Fiesta pitcher I got last week for $1.99
I'm gonna tease my sister with this one....great for swapping
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To-Do or not To-Do ?...that is the question

Ok, I can tell you right now that only one thing on this list has gotten done today. And it's nothing above number 8 and nothing below number 8. Thats right, call me Miss Slacker today. I just cant get motivated to get those things done. Thank goodness for other people in the family huh?! lol. I did get some awsome thrift store shopping done. Hey a girl has to do what a girl has to was a half price day at my local Goodwill and I got a few cute things. CHEAP !! Eight Spode mugs for .50 cents each!! They are so pretty, I love them....I mix my dishes like I mix my furniture.....Nothing matches. I also got Annabelle a brand NEW ,Gymboree turtle purse for .35 cents too! A cute little green apple coin purse - .35 cents, A brand new coat with mittens for $2.25 ! YEAH my best find for her I think. Also a like new sweat shirt from Justice.....all glittery......Two new striped dish towels with the tags to .25 cents each. (LOVE dishtowels! wierd I know, I cant get enough!) A cute shirt for me , and two for Annabelle. WHOO! All in all it was a great day for deals thats for sure. I'll show a picture of my loot soon. Well I guess I should get busy around the house (yeah right). Chat with ya soon!

~ Belinda

a.k.a. -the bargain hunter
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine Sweethearts

My beautiful Annabelle Rose
My handsome Brian..........

And Andrew
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My handsome little man!
He is getting big way too fast ....
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Oh , Valentines Day is my favorite Holiday! All the love and romance ,and the excuse to buy chocolate and flowers! Instead of buying flowers this year I made Annabelle tissue paper flowers. She LOVED them! The large pink one is about twelve inches across and turned out looking like a carnation. Annabelle gave the large dark pink one to her teacher. A big hit ! The small ones turned out nicely too ,with pretty layers of a rose. I love to make them and they take maybe a whole five-ten minutes each.

When I was little my two sisters and I used to make kleenex carnations and we took them to the ladies at the nursing home, near us. They were a big hit then too. And I love that memory I have with my sisters too. I hope Annabelle remembers them and it stays special to her. I think homemade gifts are always nice. Oh I did get a box of chocolates for Annabelle and Andrew too ! Hey its not Valentines without the sweets,huh? !

Have a wonderful and loving day! oxox

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