Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To-Do or not To-Do ?...that is the question

Ok, I can tell you right now that only one thing on this list has gotten done today. And it's nothing above number 8 and nothing below number 8. Thats right, call me Miss Slacker today. I just cant get motivated to get those things done. Thank goodness for other people in the family huh?! lol. I did get some awsome thrift store shopping done. Hey a girl has to do what a girl has to was a half price day at my local Goodwill and I got a few cute things. CHEAP !! Eight Spode mugs for .50 cents each!! They are so pretty, I love them....I mix my dishes like I mix my furniture.....Nothing matches. I also got Annabelle a brand NEW ,Gymboree turtle purse for .35 cents too! A cute little green apple coin purse - .35 cents, A brand new coat with mittens for $2.25 ! YEAH my best find for her I think. Also a like new sweat shirt from Justice.....all glittery......Two new striped dish towels with the tags to .25 cents each. (LOVE dishtowels! wierd I know, I cant get enough!) A cute shirt for me , and two for Annabelle. WHOO! All in all it was a great day for deals thats for sure. I'll show a picture of my loot soon. Well I guess I should get busy around the house (yeah right). Chat with ya soon!

~ Belinda

a.k.a. -the bargain hunter
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