Sunday, May 17, 2009


Look at this wonderful is

Fancy Schmancy designs...

they are having a contest to win this wonderful personalized platter. All you have to do to enter is copy and paste this photo then post itand her link on your blog! Then, leave her a comment and tell herwhat color you want your polka dots to be on your platter. How great is that !

Thank you Fancy Schmancy!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well it has been raining all day. I love it sometimes but today it is making me feel so tried. The kids always seam to want more attention on rainy days too. Funny that way huh.? It also make me want to bake a cake. Sit back and read. But I always have to much mental energy to just sit still and read. Unless its a magazine ! I really need to take time for that . I am one of those people who has to always be busy. I always feel the need to be productive in some way. Going through things, starting a project, painting stuff, drawing, and now my new love..embroidery. It is soooo relaxing and I love the finished product. All that work and you actually get something in return. I am liking this alot ! I feel abit childish about it at times but who cares right? I made a few things I like. I embroidered a little french chef..from my drawings for Annabelle, and a tiny row of flowers. I want make a dish towel set with the chef on them. That would be cute. ( I will show pictures)

And I am finishing it all too. I can get in the middle of things and stop...and start something else I had forgotten about. Adult ADD I am sure ! I dont care though. It is just who I am and I am actually at the age now that I like that about myself. It makes me feel artistic! lol...I love to create things. It can be very rewarding.

My darling little Annabelle is just so funny today. She is walking around the house with a grey hoodie on, no pants, a sparkled scarf around her neck, and a purse over her shoulders and sandles. And having a very heated discussion with her life sized Barbie. Evidently Barbie made a comment about her hair that she didnt like. And she is letting her know it~I guess its good she has someone to vent I may try that. Next time I put on my jeans and they are too tight.....I am telling that Barbie doll off!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My pretty little French girl I got at a thrift store for .50 cents! She is one of my favorites too

Sharing my finds.........

I have loved finding wonderful things at flea markets but haven had the joy of going in awhile. The lady, lamp shown is one of a pair that I bought for just five dollars. The hand was chipped on them so I just placed a tiny bouquet of flowers in their hands. Cute enough....They also didn't have shades so I made the ones on them now. I just adored them when I saw them and have been quite attached since. Our room looks like a little girls probably, due to the amount of fru-fru in it. No wonder my daughter wont leave it!

I love seeing what people find on their treasure hunting...and also what they paid. It can such a great feeling to get something so pretty for such a bargain. I will post more and more things I find, or have found.

I also have a serious love for bedding. And I mean SERIOUS! I love sheets with roses, ticking, eyelet trim. OOh makes me all giddy just thinking of it all. I love shabby chic and a certain type of cottage style.....old oil paintings, vintage jewelry, wire baskets and more. I also love to paint and fix up cute pieces of furniture. It is a fun hobby and also has been work to. Did I mention I love furniture? love STUFF. Lots of it. I guess when you love vintage, shabby chic, there are sooo many paths to take with it. I have found many blogs on here that will make you drool over the things they have found also, and the way they have it displayed.

Posy is one of them! what a beautiful blog! I hope my little blog becomes as lovely as this one.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hello everyone..........I am Belinda

Hello blogging world !

My name is Belinda and I am a mother of two, Annabelle is six and Andrew is fifteen. I am from Texas! I am very new to this as you can see but I am reaching out to this huge internet world to say hello and tell you abit about myself and my every day experiences. I love the whole "blogging" thing and I am quite addicted to a few that are out there myself. I hope to share my days with you and look forward to making new friends!

I have been so inspired by the many wonderful blogs and the extremely gifted woman behind them. No matter what the career may be. I love to read about your day to day happenings. And how you you are willing to share that with so many. I hope to do the same. So here goes!! Hope you are glad you dropped by...........