Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love. Love.

A few weeks ago we had our "last fun day" as the kids put it, because school was starting back. We had a full day at the Zoo , and I got some great pictures I will share soon. Then we decided to make a few stops on the way home. I am not sure what they were the happieset about...the shopping or the air conditioning. I am siding with the cool air. Brian and the kids decided to go to Barnes and Noble ...so I walked on down the strip to Pottery Barn.
I really did love this floral bedspread ,but I am changing to a different style now in the bedroom. Sadly they didnt have my beautiful bird duvet I was wanting. Dang! I did get caught changing the pillows on the bed they had for display. She just smiled and walked away..lol...oh well they just didnt look right the way they were.! Shame on me!
I have this chair but it is in need of a pretty new slipcover like this one. I dont like the pillows on it though. I would have changed them too but the manager was stocking this area. Next time...
I have never been one to care much for floor lamps but I did LOVE LOVE this shade. I am going to have to have this one. Maybe two of them. Oooh I think it would also look nice hanging over a big, amazing farm table too...hmmmm. Now if they had just had some small sizes I would have been in heaven. I did see it in a throw pillow too. Love.
One of my favorite finds were these curtains. Love. Why does Pottery barn do this to me?
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Softie LOVE

                                                      This is Daniel by rabbitrabbitsofties

                                  I ADORE softies. Homemade goodness just full of love waiting for little hands to hold them. Can you just see it in their eyes? So sweet...I want some for me too! lol. There are some VERY talented people on Etsy.com ....You should go by and look searching "softies" and see how many you think you can say no too. Not easy let me tell ya. These are just a few of my favorites.
                            She needs me too......

                              Such pretty little ladies just waiting for a home. Over here! Pick me!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fixer upper

I have had this little gem just sitting around, wainting so patiently for me to give her a makeover. Well it finally happened. Today I painted it white. Almost pink....but then a last minute change of plans...Mmmm it turned out pretty sweet so far....I still have the drawer front and the inside shelf to do ,and then I will show you the final results. Hope you like it. Tell me about one of your makeovers! I would love to see them!
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can't get enough !

I have always loved looking through my magazines. Thats why I have way too many tucked into every bookcase in our house. Now....blogs have changed it all for me. Now dont get me wrong I still love a great magazine but I find myself hooked on reading those great blogs first. Annnabelle even mentioned that I saving the planet now from not buying more....she is so smart! Did I mention that yet? No...oh..well she is. lol.. She told me yesterday she was thinking of a sofa that she wanted to design herself. Thats my girl!
Well, now I just love to go up to Barnes and Noble and spread out those magazines and pick and choose which lucky little winner will get to go home with me. Hmmm...so hard to decide....have you seen them lately? They just get better and better and now they are talking about great blogspots and the wonderful people behind them. Great...now I have to buy more. So much for saving the planet. But maybe ..just maybe ...one day I will get lucky enough to be mentioned in one!! Crossing my fingers......

Tara Frey's lovely new book- Blogging for Bliss

I need both of these!
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time for change...

       Hello everyone. I guess as you can tell it's been awhile since my last post....and I am sorry about that. Getting my personal life in order ....and getting the kids ready to get back to a routine just takes it out of you. Stress can kick ya in the butt thats for sure. But I have really missed posting and I am going to do my best to post every day!! I certainly take enough pictures to fill my blog for a year!..lol.

     Alot is changing right now, my kids are just growing up waaaay to fast. Now back to school I am home alone again. A mixed blessing. They need it and I need them..lol. But the time by myself is good too, and I know all moms deal with this everytime their little one starts back. Andrew is a junior this year and is such an amazinly handsome man. I am so proud! He is starting acting classes soon so prepare to see him on the big screen one day. Step aside Tom Cruise....Andrew will handle it from here on!
 Annabelle started second grade!! My little baby girl is so big. I took her inside and walked her up to her class....... and then...a tear...then a few more ...it turned into sobs.....and then hanging onto the leg saying "No No! Dont go pleeeeease!" ....Then her teacher said I should get a up and stop crying because people were starting to  stare.....lol.. Just kidding...but inside my heart...it all happened just like that! 
See you tomorrow with lots of new pictures and stories!

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