Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love. Love.

A few weeks ago we had our "last fun day" as the kids put it, because school was starting back. We had a full day at the Zoo , and I got some great pictures I will share soon. Then we decided to make a few stops on the way home. I am not sure what they were the happieset about...the shopping or the air conditioning. I am siding with the cool air. Brian and the kids decided to go to Barnes and Noble ...so I walked on down the strip to Pottery Barn.
I really did love this floral bedspread ,but I am changing to a different style now in the bedroom. Sadly they didnt have my beautiful bird duvet I was wanting. Dang! I did get caught changing the pillows on the bed they had for display. She just smiled and walked away..lol...oh well they just didnt look right the way they were.! Shame on me!
I have this chair but it is in need of a pretty new slipcover like this one. I dont like the pillows on it though. I would have changed them too but the manager was stocking this area. Next time...
I have never been one to care much for floor lamps but I did LOVE LOVE this shade. I am going to have to have this one. Maybe two of them. Oooh I think it would also look nice hanging over a big, amazing farm table too...hmmmm. Now if they had just had some small sizes I would have been in heaven. I did see it in a throw pillow too. Love.
One of my favorite finds were these curtains. Love. Why does Pottery barn do this to me?
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  1. ~*~I love how you were restyling the pb displays!! ;) Im sure you made them look perfect~*Love all the goodies you photographed!Hope you are having a great week~Blessings,Rachel~*~*