Sunday, January 31, 2010

We love rocks...

As I have talked about before, we had gone on one of our evening walks together a few days ago and I got a few pictures. I love these, cabbages I believe. And Annabelle was thrilled to find her egg shaped rock. She is always picking up rocks when we are out. When we go to the park she is always wanting to load up a bucket full from the play ground. Somehow she manages to make off with a pocket full at least. So funny. We have a few jars full and many laying around on shelves. She will even remember where she picked them up at too. A kid thing I guess. Now if kids would only ask for them at Christmas we would have it made huh? !!
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My finished chick !
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Crafting with Annabelle

It has been such a cold evening that Annabelle and I wanted to get creative. Well about ten minutes into our little Chickie project, my little chickie said she had to just "rest her eyes for a minute." Well she was out for the night. lol. I am hoping that she wont be too upset that I finished one with out her. I have been reading the blog of Jennifer Murphy from ...and was inspired by her ,to make the little chick. I love how the little bonnet turned out too! Just the right fit for the pink chick.... I am going to try them in many colors and styles too.......... I think Annabelle is going to love it. Things like this are VERY special to her and she always cherishes the things I make her. My biggest fan...( heart swelling )!
Jennifer is such an amazing artist and I have loved her little creatures for soooo long and she will make you wish you were five again. Drop by and take a look and let me know what you think. Annabelle and I will make some more cuties tomorrow and I will show you.
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finally a sunny morning. Yesterday turned out to be a warm afternoon that was long awaited thats for sure. We ended up able to go for our family walk , and we had a wonderful time. I have never been so ready for Spring !
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Storage !

Oh how I long for a pantry. It is funny how you get a little older and your wants in life change. I used to focus on my shoe or purse collection and now I day dream about amazing pantries, wrap around porches and hard wood floors. Someday soon.......
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am going to mix reds with black ticking, and pretty vintage bird pictures. I have a great lamp that was made from a large antique tin. It has birds on it and is lovely. I am also on the hunt for mirrored frames ,like the ones I saw at a framing store last spring, to put my bird pictures in. Dummy me passed them up and now they dont sell them any more. The hunt is on! But hey thats half the fun. I think I am just really ready for spring....cause I have been cleaning and wanting to change up everything in the house. I am wanting to paint the walls too but its too cold out for that. Hmmm I guess I will just have to be satisfied with moving stuff around.
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I have done the vintage shabby chic look for quite awhile now.

I think I am going switch it up to more of a French cottage style now...

and who better to help me with with that other than Ralph Lauren.
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yummy breakfast

I love to make these goodies. Just roll out some pillsbury crescents
and add a little nuttela....and ummmmm. So good! The perfect pick me up in the morning.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Time to clean

Well the days have been so cold lately, it has put me in the mood to clean out the jewelry drawer. Ok, its turned out to be the only think I have left to do indoors. Laundry is done and rooms are as clean as I am willing to make them so now I am cleaning out the drawers. I have my costume jewelry all piled up and ready to be sorted. I have the "wear on special night" jewelry and the "wear it whenever" stuff too. And then I mix that So I just put it all together and wing it. I have to say most of it has been such great bargins its hard for it not to pile up. I paid under a dollar for each thing you see in the picture. The most exspensive item..the bracelet at top. Three bucks! Well back to work.
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I want the set !
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Starting my New Year with eye candy

Ok everyone wants to start out their New Year cutting out the sweets...but when you look at this set will understand when I cant do that ! This is just TOOO sweet. I adore this vintage style set...I think if I had it I would have to revolve my wardrobe around IT! That would make a great start to the year!
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