Sunday, January 31, 2010

We love rocks...

As I have talked about before, we had gone on one of our evening walks together a few days ago and I got a few pictures. I love these, cabbages I believe. And Annabelle was thrilled to find her egg shaped rock. She is always picking up rocks when we are out. When we go to the park she is always wanting to load up a bucket full from the play ground. Somehow she manages to make off with a pocket full at least. So funny. We have a few jars full and many laying around on shelves. She will even remember where she picked them up at too. A kid thing I guess. Now if kids would only ask for them at Christmas we would have it made huh? !!
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  1. Hi Belinda,

    What beautiful photos and I what a great rock your daughter found!

    I once found a rock that looked exactly like a potato, I used it for a paperweight on my desk and I used to get a kick out of people wondering why I had a big potato on my desk!