Monday, January 11, 2010

Time to clean

Well the days have been so cold lately, it has put me in the mood to clean out the jewelry drawer. Ok, its turned out to be the only think I have left to do indoors. Laundry is done and rooms are as clean as I am willing to make them so now I am cleaning out the drawers. I have my costume jewelry all piled up and ready to be sorted. I have the "wear on special night" jewelry and the "wear it whenever" stuff too. And then I mix that So I just put it all together and wing it. I have to say most of it has been such great bargins its hard for it not to pile up. I paid under a dollar for each thing you see in the picture. The most exspensive item..the bracelet at top. Three bucks! Well back to work.
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  1. I love the photos of all your neat stuff. I've got to say though, that the last photo, one piece of jewelry looks like an eye ball to me. LOL. Keep up the good work on the blog.