Sunday, February 14, 2010


Oh , Valentines Day is my favorite Holiday! All the love and romance ,and the excuse to buy chocolate and flowers! Instead of buying flowers this year I made Annabelle tissue paper flowers. She LOVED them! The large pink one is about twelve inches across and turned out looking like a carnation. Annabelle gave the large dark pink one to her teacher. A big hit ! The small ones turned out nicely too ,with pretty layers of a rose. I love to make them and they take maybe a whole five-ten minutes each.

When I was little my two sisters and I used to make kleenex carnations and we took them to the ladies at the nursing home, near us. They were a big hit then too. And I love that memory I have with my sisters too. I hope Annabelle remembers them and it stays special to her. I think homemade gifts are always nice. Oh I did get a box of chocolates for Annabelle and Andrew too ! Hey its not Valentines without the sweets,huh? !

Have a wonderful and loving day! oxox

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