Monday, February 22, 2010

Work stations...& your curtains

I love my work station at home. I call it that because it's not an office, but a corner of the living room. lol. If I say work station it sounds prettier and more adult. More organized. (not) I certainly have a nice group of decorating books and far too many magazines. About 500+. No joke. And I recently weeded through them and got rid of half so I am actually down to 500+. It has always been my form of therapy I if you have this many then you know what I mean. They are just the best escape into other peoples worlds, but hey! Now we have blogs! And I must say I am just as addicted. Sitting at my desk , peaking into your homes ,without getting arrested..... and just dying to have your curtains! And those slipcovered people are just killing me! Now now...remember..God says to share . What? You will let me have them?! Oh how sweet of you........such a good friend...(wink wink)
so dainty.....
My ever changing boards...and clutter
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