Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sitting Pretty

Do you love chairs? I love chairs. Yes, I know , I love alot of things, but I really love chairs. I need a room just for them. Yep , a sitting room. Homes today aren't built for those and I dont know why. They have media rooms and game room but not those old fashioned sitting rooms. I would like a nice big room for nothing but all the pretty chairs I can fit and my books. Because I know this family sits way too much in front of the television. Would'nt that be a wonderful change? We need to go back to having sitting rooms. Just to be there and talk...or read. That would be just lovely.
Do you like the idea of a sitting room?
soooo pretty too.
I missed out on this one on craigslist. It had just sold when I replied. It will be missed.
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