Sunday, April 25, 2010

Swap meet

My little sweetheart just makes my heart swell with so much love.
So you can see in the pictures of her room why she is so spoiled! lol...But the other purpose of showing her room is to show just how thrifty I can be when needed. And what great deals I have found this past year. Well I will start with the headboard. FREE ! Well I met a gal on craigslist, a few years ago, that has now become a great swapping buddy and friend . Dont worry we met at a Home depot and my hubby came for safety! )She has the skill of making furniture look amazing! Well I have the skill of finding AMAZING deals. So its a nice ballance. She swapped me the headboard for some household items...pillows, frames, vase, and etc. Not alot compared to what this would have cost me new. And Annabelle LOVES her bed. (forgot to attache to rails for pic..oops) We have done several swaps like this. She redid my daughters antique vanity to match the bed, and a nightstand. We swapped her for flowers, a mirror, and linens for her daughter. Not that I could'nt spare any huh..? Such a great way to save I think.

The euro pillowcases were bought at a clearance store, new, for $1.00 each !! NO LIE ! ( alot of ladies going crazy that day ) The pink trimmed one is even a Kate Spade and was originaly $115.00! The Rockstar set is I think the only thing I paid more at Target, (50.00) . The shabby chic quilt..$10.00 new at a big fleamarket.
As for the toys...Her two American girl dolls were gifts at Christmas, yeah! All the stuffed animals were from a local thrift store...most were new with tags....75 cents and under each. One day they had a sale..20 for $2.00....Big score there. So as you can guess...the other 50 or so animals are crammed in the closet!
Now this is her bedding that is stored in my closet. Not all of it either. Mercy. Well I already talked more than once on my linen love so the pictures explains it I have been weeding through it all for days now and are getting ready for a sale. Long overdue I'd say.
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