Monday, April 19, 2010

Mixed up

I love a nice mixture of patterns in quilts. I think they are for people who want every pattern at once for the bed, but cant They are nice for just that can add so many more elements to the room because of it. Stripes, florals and solids give you so many choices.
My favorites are obviously the vintage materials grouped together. And the little touches of lace and trim added in are just wonderful! Then little buttons on top of that ! Fabulous!
On top of pillows like this is such a great idea. It pulls it all together without having to use all the materials and be overpowering.
With old tablecloths and can get a "new life" from them. If they get stains or holes you dont have to throw them out. Make laundry bags, stockings, basket liners, sachets, and pillows. And pillow case trims with embroidery, for extra detail.  It is a great way to recycle too.
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