Monday, April 19, 2010

Elegant Mattes

Hello again! I am showing you and everyone at Skip to My Lou what I have made! It is their MADE IT BY YOU Mondays , and I wanted to share my linen looking matte that I made.
I have a large group of antique prints from the 1800's and I wanted to make some of the mattes for them , look a little more elegant. I have red in my kitchen with a French country look so I wanted something to go with this......I wanted a linen/fabric look...but this isnt linen at all though. It is tulle ! Like the stuff that fluffs out prom dresses....weird yes...but it turned out great! Now my tulle was very thin red pieces ,that I had bought in a large group at a flea market for .50cents. I layered several pieces to make it darker and then traced the matte size. I cut ..then glued .. DONE! I loved the finished look.
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  1. Very clever! Did you glue it all over or just around the edges? Also what kind of glue did you use? Inquiring minds want to know.