Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selling it all

Okie Dokie. I am going to make a quickie post because it's so late, and I just had a full day with my Estate Sale. Yep..thats right I am having a sale! Yeah! Sort of. It's ALOT of work getting ready for one of these suckers let me tell ya.
This is a teensy tiny ity bit of my shabby chic that I am letting go of. You would have a small stroke if you saw the shabby chic linen pile! Four tubs full...two banquet tables and an industial garment rack full. Whoo that hurt just saying it. And all the little things. Glassware, tins, and everything in between. I know what your thinking. I said it was a short post? lol...I tend to ramble when I talk about
See my pretty blue metal file box. Bye bye...gonna miss ya.
Ok I had far to many of these tins. But they are all so cute. My living is so full of stuff. I could just wake up and go shopping in my own house! Hey I would save gas and I know I would find something I love!
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