Sunday, September 19, 2010

One of each...

                Thats what I want from Anthropologie. One of each of everything! I just cant walk into that store without finding an armful of things I want to take home. But they can be a bit expensive though. At least the furniture is. This chest was about $2,300. But I found some awsome little green planters for just $6.00! And yes I forgot to take a picture of
This little blue chest won me over too. It looked great as a bedside table. I love to use the odd things in places people wouldnt think to use them too. I dont think I have ever owned a normal nightstand and actually used it as a nightstand. I have two small chests as nighstands now. And I am about to change one to a gate leg table I got from my sister over the weekend. Just waiting to paint it.
Now this BIG piece was just amazing. Amazing. And you would have to have a pretty big kitchen to fit it in too. It's sweet little price tag of $22,000 will make you do some DEEP thinking before buying it.. thats for sure. But I did like the big wooden knife just above it too. More in my price range too I'm sure.
This cabinet was super sweet too and I knew just where I was going to put it in my kitchen too till...yes...the price. $1,200. Ouch, my heart. I guess I will just have to be inspired today to find things just like them at the fleamarket. I will keep you informed in my search. Oh.. by the way.... I still LOVE Anthropologie. And I love my sweet hubby for taking me there today.
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  1. Hi Belinda~ I LOVE Anthropologie too..but like you it is more for inspiration than actual buying most of the time. *btw..did you ever get my email back to you with my address?You asked me for my po box address and I sent you my address and havent heard back..just checking~ Hope you had a great weekend! Rachel :)