Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some cute finds

I wanted to share a few things I saw today that I really enjoyed. Now I have never seen anyone do this before with lights but with the right country kitchen, it could work...The blue stripe one is cute to me.
I am going to make this little cutie for a door stopper for Annabelle's new room when we finally get moved in. even the mushroom too.
I am a Texas gal...and when I am mad..this says it all.

source: Junk Gypsies

The bed I missed out on craigslist.....sad.
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  1. ~*~*Such cute stuff!!~*~* Bummer you didnt get that darling craigslist bed..Im sure you'll find one you like even more!! ;) hugs,Rachel~*~*

  2. Wonderful finds! SO glad I found you! And through twitter of all things ;)

    ~ So nice to meet you!

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