Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can't get enough !

I have always loved looking through my magazines. Thats why I have way too many tucked into every bookcase in our house. Now....blogs have changed it all for me. Now dont get me wrong I still love a great magazine but I find myself hooked on reading those great blogs first. Annnabelle even mentioned that I saving the planet now from not buying more....she is so smart! Did I mention that yet? No...oh..well she is. lol.. She told me yesterday she was thinking of a sofa that she wanted to design herself. Thats my girl!
Well, now I just love to go up to Barnes and Noble and spread out those magazines and pick and choose which lucky little winner will get to go home with me. hard to decide....have you seen them lately? They just get better and better and now they are talking about great blogspots and the wonderful people behind them. I have to buy more. So much for saving the planet. But maybe ..just maybe day I will get lucky enough to be mentioned in one!! Crossing my fingers......

Tara Frey's lovely new book- Blogging for Bliss

I need both of these!
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  1. ~*~Im so with you on that Belinda!! ;) I have some sort of Romantic Country..cottage living..romantic homes..fleamarket finds..all over my house!lol..I just cant bring myself to passing them up.It always seems like I find a new issue I havent seen on days I really feel like a cup of coffee and a magazine to drool over~I started donating them to a local antique shop for the ladies who work there to enjoy..or you could sell them on craigslist in lots..but its sooo hard to part with favorite ones~Oh well..Take care, Rachel ~*~*