Monday, June 7, 2010

A wonderful evening

Annabelle was so excited for us to share more pictures from our walk a few nights ago. Her cousin Tiffany had stayed the night and went with us. First off we discovered this little guy peeking out at us. And with just a little more sweet talkin' from Annabelle, we might have taken him home with us. But he was pretty big and she realized he would be happier in the creek than with us.

I loved how this picture turned out. Annabelle noticed the little bug in the middle. can you see it?
This little mommy duck and her sweet baby actually followed us around thinking we had more bread, but we were out. I felt so bad. Annabelle said she wished she could speak duck so she could let them know we would be back with more tomorrow. My sweet girl.
Well the thrill of the evening for us was seeing a beaver! A first for all of us too. He swam off before we could get a picture though. Darn it! But the kids seemed to be content with the smiley face rock they found. It brought gigles all the way home.
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