Friday, May 14, 2010

Vintage Inspirations

I saw this little beauty online, and it has made me long for a large version of it. Perfect for above a dresser. I adore alot of detail around a mirror or frame.
This dresser is new but made to look old. I can respect that. I love the chippy style to. I could use three or four of these babies! Or at least two for nightstands.
My favorite thing to find in a dresser drawer other than a sachet. Pretty paper liners. Rachel Ashwell always does it good. I have even photo copied my favorite vintage pillow cases and used the paper to line tiny drawers,boxes and mattes for shabby chic frames.
This was one of Rachel Ashwells Target line that I loved too. I actually got the shower curtain in a swap from a friend! I love to swap out goodies with my sisters and friends. Your not out any money and you both get great stuff.
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