Saturday, May 8, 2010

Laundry love

I may be the rare gal who absolutely loves to do laundry. I love sorting, Ironing, and the smells of the softner. Laundry baskets are great but I do love laundry bags alot too. I have one bag that is really large, made from a Ralph Lauren sheet. I actually use it inside my wire pull cart for the flea market. It looks great and it keeps the small items from falling through.

I would really love a soaking sink in my laundry area.
I still like the old fashioned way of drying too. Line drying is wonderful. I have so many happy memories of helping my grandma hanging the laundry. I loved those wooden clothes pins. And her clothes pin bag....I would give anything to have that today. .......Now if I hang things I do keep the undergarments indoors to dry. I am sure my/your neighbors dont want to see anyones bloomers flapping in the breeze! lol. Plus you cant get much greener than that for our planet & it helps on your electric bill too. Plus you get to show off all those fantastic Ralph Lauren sheets to the neighbors! (shame on me I know!)
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  1. i do not share your love of laundry, but i do love the smell of clothes drying. that laundry bag is super cute.