Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am going to sew things...

Well....attempt it anyway. I have been looking at so many wonderful pillows online and in the magazines...I am just dying to make some. Something ! I guess I need to buy a machine first huh?! Now I have hand stitched some cutsie heart pin cushions last week and they turned out nice. I think I may include one in my giveaway pack ~that I am taking forever to get together~ I hope it is liked. Well back to the pillows. I have always wanted to do this mixed material pillows. Something pretty and delicate in front , backed with black and white ticking. I love the linen and burlap look too.
Now Pottery Barn had the most adorable little pillow that I had wanted , but was a bit out of my budget. $40.00 out of my budget...ouch. Worth every penny mind you but like I said.... Not in the budget right now. So. I found at a thrift store....two material selections. The first one was a very large piece....( only $2.99 )I believe it was an original twin , feather bed mattress cover....... thick, heavy, black ticking ( yes I love the ticking). So lots to work with there. The second..was a pair of curtains..($1.99) ....with an old farm scene on it in a toile style. Somewhat like the Pottery Barn pillow I love! Faded and a nice length too. I could make  ten pillows with it easily! I cant wait to get started on them. I will do a before and after picture too. Any tips on pillow making with be cherished !
Wish me luck ~ Belinda
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