Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can't wait for the weekend !

                          It seems like forever since the weather has been decent enough to go to the flea markets. Texas weather will just throw you for a on the first day of Spring. Snow. Crazy I know.....but this weekend is going to be great ! Nice and sunny! I have my little pully cart ready to go, lined with my rosy Ralph Lauren laundry bag. So nothing small falls through. Can't loose the goodies now can we?!  Then  Annabelle's school is having a carnival later in the day...whoo..busy, FUN day. Finally! I love to be busy. Go go go. Now Annabelle is at the age to really want to keep up and do the mommy things. I must make a list for the search...
                                                   1. Wicker basket
                                                   2.  Ironstone platters
                                                   3. Fabulous material
                                                   4. Vintage jewelry
                                                   5. Old bird prints
                                                   6. Linens
                                                   7. Sewing machine
                                                   8. Farm table
                                                   9. sand paper
                                                 10. Large mirror

                                 Hey if I get one out of ten....that's great with me !!!          

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