Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'M BACK !!!!!

It has been sooooooo long since I have been able to blog and it has just been driving me crazy ! Wow I cant believe I am back at it. If you blog and have enjoyed it like me I guess you understand. Well I have new goals to blog daily ! Maybe twice a day if people dont get tired of it!

Here goes.....I am really excited this year for the Holidays. Annabelle (my daughter) is SO excited about this Halloween. So instead of buying new stuff to decorate with this year, we are making our own. And let me tell you we are just loving it. It is so rewarding when your kids love love what you make them. I made this large witch for our living room wall. The hands are traced from Annabelle's so years later I will even be able to remember how tiny her hands were that Halloween. we made paper pumpkins and bats for the front door too. I am really looking forward to making caramel apples, cookies, rice crispy treats, and pumpkin shaped cakes. I think I may even try to make popcorn balls too. No promises,lol. I have just always wanted to try it.

Well I will keep you informed and would love any IDEAS for Halloween decorations we can make together, if you are willing to share your traditions. Be back soon with great picks of all the new goodies I have found and my cleaning out projects. Ta ta for now !
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