Friday, July 10, 2009

More goodies !

I cant get enough flowers
The frame is pretty old and smaller than a dollar bill. I copied the picture off of a vintage post card. I love this alot too. I love vintage childrens prints.
A drop in the bucket from my linen closet. Ok its my walk in closet in my room. Well we all know that linens are far more important than clothes.
I just love my green shelf. It was a swap with another dealer one weekend when I set up at the fleamarket. It has been in every room of the house. I will always love this shelf........ My hubby knows the case of fire...(lol)

#1. Grab the kids
#2. Grab as many of my linens as possible....vintage and Ralph Lauren first
#3. Grab my green shelf
#4. Get his cute butt out of there !
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