Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making plans ...

I have always been making plans. I used to think it was a motherly thing, but I can remember as a little girl , making plans for things. I think it's a big part of being a girl. When your little its planning your summer....making new friends. In your teens it's meeting a special boy. As a woman...for's being a loving mom, wife. And making us a memorable homelife. So I make plans. I may not be able to buy what I want right at that moment,but it just makes me more appreciative when I do get it. I love fixing up our home.
Annabelle really enjoys doing the same thing now too. I am rubbing off on her quite a bit I think. She , like me, makes plans for our home. What to do in a certain we are going to decorate it. She LOVES being a part of that decision process, and she's getting good at it too. lol. When we are out she makes comments about material, bedding , lamps. She saw a lamp the other day and said..."I think it's really really cute..but it doesn't go with the couch. Lets move on." She is turning into me! I love it! She certianly has my creative gene thats for sure. Her brother Andrew too. He just turned seventeen yesterday..and has been aking plans to be an actor. Oops..a FAMOUS actor. He is starting classes soon. My childhood dream! He is so much like me too that way, but has his dads extreme kindness.

Annabelle and I are making plans this week. We are changing her room to a cottage look. She is wanting bedding just like the one in the picture.

We are planning on having a staircase in our future home..just like this one. :) And painted floors like the next picture.

And an adorable sofa like this.....her choice too! Not gonna argue on it though. Its perfect!
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