Monday, March 22, 2010


Yeah can you believe it ! I am back online after a far too long break. And by break I mean my computer. Yep it went KAPUT! Along with my 14,000 pictures on it! Can you say ouch? ! I cried. Someone hit a lightpole buy my house and made , I guess, a power surge, and it killed my sweet little computer. So sad. I can tell you what....a girl can go crazy with no way to blog. I dont think people go to the neighbors anymore borrowing a cup of todays world we just need to borrow an internet connection! Hey I dont need sugar for my morning coffee...or coffee for that matter........It's all the boost I need in the morning thats for sure. lol. I have been walking around like I didnt know what to do with myself. Then something really strange housework got done. .....
Well I would love to say these pictures are the ones I took of our first day of Spring.....but nope. They are from the week before. Can you believe we had SNOW yesterday? ! Crazy Texas weather. Well I got these shots from one of our family walks. Turned out real nice too. I just could'nt tell ya what the trees are though. Tell me if you know. I am hoping to get a better camera this week so I can really zoom in on the birds and little flower blooms this Spring. Annabelle says hello to everyone and we are soon going to devote one writing a week to HER! All in her own words and her pictures that she has taken. Well it is mother daughter day huh?! LOL....She is very excited to share her thoughts with you too..not just through my eyes.
I am just talking up a storm because I have missed this and you all so much ! OHH I also realized that on my last was my 100th posting! Wow..that shocked me. Well with that I am getting a really nice group of things together for a giveaway!!! Sort of like a gift basket! Oh I think you will like it too. I hope I will have it all ready for you to see by the weekend. Get ready! I will also be posting/bragging once a week on new blogs that I find and love. Hey we all need a little help getting our blog out there right? So leave me a comment on yours and I will spread the word!
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