Friday, June 12, 2009

I am LOVING blue right now..........

Ok I am loving everything right now! As long as is blending with my style, my version of shabby Chic. Or is it Cottage Chic or French chic now? Oh who knows really I just love it all. I found this frame a while back for only two dollars at a sale. It is pretty big. I actually got it to go with the tall, skinny dresser, with nice deep drawers. that I bought ,for only fifteen dollars at a local thrift store. I painted it the same shade of blue and put little crystal knobs on it. So cute ! It sets me in motion with all kinds of projects too. Now I have three tables to paint and five other frames! Oh and some baskets. Now if I could only learn to make those wonderful little liners for them, all covered in roses. In time.
I love painting stuff and seeing that finished product. It can be SO rewarding when it turns out just right. When it doesn't...sell it. lol. Or trade if off. I have mentioned my obsession of linens to. Well I found these cuties at the local flea market. It has been so long since I have been...I am having withdraws. Oh the pretty things I have missed! The little white dresser was a fifteen dollar purchase, and brown at the time. Cant have that! Must be painted. I bet I say that in my sleep.......
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