Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Oh how I love my vintage looking robe. I was so excited when I first saw it on the rack at the thrift store. I rushed across to it and quickly grabbed it off the hanger.I didn't even try it on. I saw the fabric, the pretty blue trim, and the $1.99 price tag and it was LOVE ! LOVE I SAY!! When I held it up I figured it wouldn't fit but didn't care because I had the wonderful intentions of making something spectacular with it. Covering a unique shaped lampshade I had, or make a few pillows.(whenever I actually learn to make pillows ) I put it the buggy quickly quickly as if someone else would see the great price and its beauty and try to get it.....not from this girl.... lol. By the style of it, I thought it was vintage at first but it didn't have a brand label in it. The last owner cut it out. ( If you happen to know the maker, please let me know ! ) But the cleaning label looks very new. Oh who cares I loved it. I took it straight to the counter to pay and didn't pay attention to the young cashiers rude remark "oh I think this is WAAAAY too small for you ! " My new robe love kept me from reaching over and smacking those curls right off her little head. Yes is blind. I have had my robe now for several years, and I have never been able to bring myself to cut it up. I guess I still care too much.....oh and guess what fits !
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